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SCG Licensing

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Licensing Program 

SCG is pleased to announce a new licensing program, open to builders worldwide. This initiative aims to share the Sustainable Platform developed by SCG, providing builders with valuable insights and support throughout the Acquisition and Construction process. We invite builders to explore this opportunity for collaborative growth and sustainability.

Land acquisition and Entitlements 

Ecological land development 

Vertical construction of the community and HOA Guidelines

SCG: Driving Sustainable Construction Evolution

We prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Our focus on sustainability, resilience and compliance enables us to reduce our environmental footprint while saving money.  We partner with the local municipalities and contractors to achieve lower construction and energy costs with the implementation of technology and efficient operating systems. We also work with Federal and State agency programs that provide grants and tax credits which increase our ROI. SCG is at the forefront of driving the transformation of the construction industry towards a sustainable future that provides higher returns to our investors.


Our main goals are resilience (the ability to prepare, plan for, absorb, recover from, and successfully adapt to adverse events) and compliance (building owners, facility managers, and property managers meet criteria to reduce environmental impacts and increase the health and wellbeing of the tenants).

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Benefits Of Green Building

There are many benefits of Green Building. Socially, comfort is maximized, the strain on infrastructure is lessened, and design aesthetics are improved. Environmentally, biodiversity of flora and fauna is preserved, air/water quality is up-kept, waste streams are reduced, and resources are conserved. As a result, overall ecological footprint is significantly reduced. Most importantly, economically, operating costs are lower (less upkeep with more efficient systems), markets are created and expanded, and occupant productivity is increased.

Our Platform Includes 

Licensing Partners 

  • Shield Wall Systems (SWS) – Steel Frame / Panelization / Need MEP’s

  • Orlando Steel Framing (OSF) – Steel Frame / Panelization / Need MEP’s

  • Gigacrete – Steel Framing / Panelization / MEP’s in panel

  • Renco-USA – Sustainable Block Construction / MEP’s

  • PGT Hurricane Windows and Doors in all products

  • BeHome247 – Smart Technology / EV Chargers

  • Terra Energy  – Solar Panel Program

  • Green Carbon Solutions – BioChar (UF Study for retention and pollution)

  • Stone Coat – Fusion Panels for SWS and OSF / Coating for all Panels

  • UM – BUS 428 (Sustainable Living / Circular Economy / AI Technology)

  • Village OS software – Stanford and Regen Villages

Fists in Solidarity

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Construct, Conserve, Contribute 

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